Inspirujme se... Conference

CENIA, the Czech Environmental Information Agency and the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic invite you to the 10th year of the Inspirujme se ... conference this year focusing on cities and regions.

The underlining theme of this year’s conference is dedicated to municipalities and regions. They are crucial partners in the area of ​​data acquisition and use for decision-making and land-use development for both government and professional organisations.

Data-based decision-making should already be a standard at all levels of government. Data, processed in the form of indicators, allows us to track the shift, development, change; to assess new situations. Municipalities and regions often use not only their own data, but also data from other providers. They are well aware of the importance of publishing data openly, keeping up-to-date and continually improving its quality. In addition, municipalities and regions will become important data providers for INSPIRE.

Sustainable development of the territory is a cross-cutting principle whose implementation is essential in all areas and at all levels of public administration. Both Czech and Slovak municipalities and regions boast interesting examples of using innovative technologies to acquire and use data as well as to manage the day-to-day life of cities. They also use data and technology to better communicate with citizens and apply a participatory approach to governance. Exchange of experience and open discussion on the possibilities of using available data and technical solutions is one of the main goals of the conference.

But it's not just the outlook from cities and regions. Over the past ten years, we have built a stable infrastructure in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under INSPIRE. We publish data, operate portals, use information to inform and engage with the public and get them moving into action. We make the data publicly available. We are developing the already functioning so-called eGovernment. And here we are not just talking about regions and municipalities, but about public administration in general, where, as we believe, the situation is getting better.

Equally an important goal of the conference is to provide enough space for obligatory providers, their presentations of existing harmonization results, work with INSPIRE data models and European environmental reporting, new technical solutions or innovative approaches to what has already been solved. In this respect, we also offer space to private sector representatives.

The ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Workshop will be a part of the accompanying program.
Join us with your experience so that we can share it and inspire somebody else.
On the 27th and 28th February 2018 at the Floret Information and Education Centre.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

On behalf of the CENIA Organisation Team and the MoE SR